March 2017: Clarke’s, Cape Town

Clarke’s was founded by Anthony Clarke; we recently did a lot of research into when and we think it was around November 1957. It started off as a second hand bookshop. Anthony was a British man who came out to South Africa after the Second World War; looking into his history, he seems to have been quite […]

February 2017: Salts Mill, Saltaire

The 1853 Gallery at Salts Mill opened in 1987 just over a year after the textile mill closed and started selling an ever-expanding range of books from 1988. It was renovated by a handful of people including the owner Jonathan Silver, scouring the walls, repainting, restoring and filling it with beautiful furniture, Burmantofts ceramics and, […]

December 2016: Bookmarks, London

We’re a socialist and trade union bookshop. The world is throwing up so many different challenges, so many questions

November 2016: Hedengrens Bokhandel, Stockholm

We’ve been here, on the same site and in the same shopping arcade, since 1897, and we’ve been independent for most of that time.

October 2016: Stromness Books and Prints, Orkney

Stromness is a seaport, a town shaped by the sea. We’re right on the waterfront, but you can’t see the sea from the shop.

September 2016: Blackwell’s Bookshop, Portsmouth

Blackwell’s Bookshops is a chain with over 30 bookshops in some 25 cities and is still a family-owned business.

July 2016: Treadwell’s Books, London

I founded Treadwell’s in 2003, after having been an academic. I decided I wanted to do something different with my life.

June 2016: Het Fort van Sjakoo, Amsterdam

We’re an anarchist activist collective bookshop. Ultimately, I suppose you could say that we’re aiming for a global anarchist revolution,

May 2016: Calder Bookshop, London

We never intended buying a bookshop. Books weren’t part of the original plan at all.

April 2016: ChickLit, Vienna

For 30 years there was a feminist bookshop in Vienna called Frauenzimmer. Literally translated into English the name means Ladies Room, but the real meaning is a little bit more complex.

March 2016: News from Nowhere, Liverpool

Our name comes from the 1890 novel by artist and utopian socialist William Morris.  We started back in 1974, so the shop is 42 this year. 

February 2016: Shakespeare and Company, Paris

The history of the shop is pretty well known, but it’s a story worth telling nonetheless. The shop was opened on this site under the name Le Mistral in 1951 by an American called George Whitman.

January 2016: Al Saqi Books, London

My husband, Andre Gaspard, came to London with his childhood friend, Mai Ghoussoub, during the Lebanese civil war. Life in London was very different back in the 1970s to how it is now.

December 2015: Studenterboghandelen, Denmark

The name of our shop just means “students’ bookshop” in English – it’s as simple as that. The students and lecturers are the whole focus of our energies, and the reason why we ever came to exist at all.

November 2015: Five Leaves Bookshop, Nottingham

From 1979-1995 I worked in Mushroom Bookshop, a radical Nottingham bookshop (which closed in 2000). At the time it was considered very radical.

October 2015: Tate Modern Bookshop, London

As a gallery bookshop, we occupy a unique position. Customers often tell me they find the bookshop more interesting than the exhibitions, but our role here is very much secondary.

September 2015: Gay’s the Word, London

Gay’s the Word is the only dedicated gay and lesbian bookshop in the UK. We’ve been here since 1979. During that time other gay and lesbian bookshops have come and gone, but we’re the only ones to have survived to 2015.

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