Bookshop of the month: November

Books in nine languages? Check.

Travel books? Check.

Cookery books? Check.

Illustrated porn? Erm, check.

This month’s bookshop, Hedengrens Bokhandel, takes a very Swedish approach to bookselling. They have to choose stock carefully to appeal to the tastes of their multi-lingual, liberal-minded customers. Like other retailers, Christmas is an important time for Hedegrens, but as the festive season approaches, they won’t be bringing in lots of extra merchandise or festooning the shop with baubles and bows. That’s just not the Swedish way of doing things.

Read more about their approach to bookselling here. 

Bookshop of the month: April

This month we bring you ChickLit, Vienna’s feminist and queer bookshop. When naming the shop the co-owners, Jenny and Paula, decided to re-appropriate the much derided term. “All books are women’s books,” they told me. That’s why their slogan is ChickLit: Feminist Entertainment.

Find out more here.