Bookshop of the month: June

Het Fort van Sjakoo, in central Amsterdam, is named after a Dutch Robin Hood-type figure. Sjakoo famously escaped from prison and fled with his gang of thieves to a heavily fortified hide-out in central Amsterdam. The collective that runs the bookshop today have built their own anti-establishment fortress, providing a refuge for people interested in  anything that goes against the mainstream.

You can read more about their extraordinary story in this month’s bookshop profile. 


Cedric De Leon

Cedric De Leon

I need to be obsessed when I write. I’m talking about forgetting to eat and sleep, about not knowing how to interact with people. Continue Reading ›

Books about political ignorance

Ilya Somin

Ilya Somin

As a refugee from the Soviet Union, I was always much more skeptical about government than most Western intellectuals. The history of communism shows that government power can easily become the cause of horrendous poverty and oppression. Continue Reading ›

The book that outraged a nation

Lance deHaven Smith

Lance deHaven-Smith

I began to study conspiracy theories after learning that many of them have turned out to be true. One of the most shocking is that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt knew when and where Japan was going to strike in the Pacific but intentionally failed to warn U.S. military commanders at Pearl Harbor.

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