Bookshop of the month: June

Het Fort van Sjakoo, in central Amsterdam, is named after a Dutch Robin Hood-type figure. Sjakoo famously escaped from prison and fled with his gang of thieves to a heavily fortified hide-out in central Amsterdam. The collective that runs the bookshop today have built their own anti-establishment fortress, providing a refuge for people interested in  anything that goes against the mainstream.

You can read more about their extraordinary story in this month’s bookshop profile. 

Bookshop of the Month: March

Sick of being sold lies? Looking for a haven from the world? Hungry for an alternative worldview?

News from Nowhere, our bookshop of the month for March, is run by a women’s co-operative. They don’t stock books just because they’re bestsellers – they try to scrutinise every book they stock. Often the book trade lacks principles – principles are the whole reason for News from Nowhere’s existence.

Read more about their story here. 


Bookshop of the Month: November

Who on earth would open a left-wing bookshop in one of the poorest cities in the UK, during a global recession? This month we introduce Ross Bradshaw, who tells the story of how he came to set up the Five Leaves Bookshop, the only city-centre independent bookshop to open in the UK this century.

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