Bookshop of the Month: December

“Books are weapons,” says the manager of London’s socialist and trade union bookshop, Bookmarks. “Our customers haven’t given up. They’re optimistic that change is still possible and that we can fight to make it happen.”

Instead of hiding with hot chocolate, hand-knitted socks and all things hygge, read December’s uplifting profile of Bookmarks, and get ready to change the world in 2017.

My German Books


Barbara Katz Rothman

I’m a Brooklyn Jew. It’s a particular ethnic category – however many generations of Eastern Europe, immigrant great grandparents who made it to Brooklyn and then three generations of not going anywhere. Continue Reading ›

Bookshop of the month: November

Books in nine languages? Check.

Travel books? Check.

Cookery books? Check.

Illustrated porn? Erm, check.

This month’s bookshop, Hedengrens Bokhandel, takes a very Swedish approach to bookselling. They have to choose stock carefully to appeal to the tastes of their multi-lingual, liberal-minded customers. Like other retailers, Christmas is an important time for Hedegrens, but as the festive season approaches, they won’t be bringing in lots of extra merchandise or festooning the shop with baubles and bows. That’s just not the Swedish way of doing things.

Read more about their approach to bookselling here. 

Friendship in the Time of Phantoms



Richard Baxstrom and Todd Meyers

We write together out of friendship.

Answering for our motivation in this way mostly disappoints those who ask why we wrote such an “unusual book” together.

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Bookshop of the month: October

As the nights draw in, pay a visit to one of the most northerly and remote bookshops in the UK, the tiny Stromness Books and Prints. The shop is too small for events, in winter customers are few and far between, and they don’t even have running water, but this all helps make them a model of independent bookselling against the odds.

Read more here.